Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resoultion #1

With the new year here i have been thinking today about my resolutions for 2011. As i was hanging up my new 2011 Papaya Art calendar this morning I was thinking about the Papaya organizer i had in 2010 and how much I will miss it... In case you never got to see or own of these lovelies i have posted a picture below.

I think the cover of the organizer pretty much says it all, right? Simply follow your bliss. Dream, Vision, Create, Imagine. I also love the cover of the accordion folder inside the organizer. Life In Progress.

While looking back through the organizer and its inspiring pages I realized that the beautiful inner pages cant go to waste, they are just too pretty!

So one of my goals for 2011 will be to green craft these pages into something special. Crafting a greener world will be more of a priority.

So as I'm hanging up new 2011 calendar....
i cant help but get excited about the green crafting potential of my 2011 calendar!

If you are ever in need of a little green craft inspiration pick up a copy of GreenCraft magazine. Another favorite of mine for green inspiration is the Crafting a Green World website.