Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best $47 I ever spent!

I recently decided to do away with our rectangular dining table and that I instead needed a round table. I had pretty much grown tired of the rectangular table after one of the chairs broke and we were left with 3. Then recently my neighbor had purchased a pottery barn set on craigslist that is a round table and chairs (I'm insanely jealous) because those sea grass chairs are amazing. When I saw her set I realized that a round table would open up more space and that it simply had a better ambiance. Since purchasing my round table I have honestly realized that there is more energy in the room. I also noticed at a few recent gatherings with friends and family that when sitting around the table, the conversation in general is so much better - it feels warmer and friendlier, how it should be! Not that it wasn't before but there is definitely a difference. And most importantly our family dinner time feels more like it should and not some mad dash to eat dinner.

I had stopped by one of my local thrift stores with the intention of finding a side table for the downstairs hallway (still have not found that by the way) and while there I stumbled across this dining set. It reminds me a lot of the style of dining table my parents had (and still have) growing up. I asked the sales person how much for the set and he said $40. Sold! It is a little outdated but it's a solid table and in great condition. I'm not really sure what kind of wood it is, maybe maple?

I still have yet to find some super cheap and awesome round table cloths. So until I do, I'm using this rectangular cloth piece that I picked up at the markets recently along with my red lantern as the centerpiece (usually lives on my kitchen window sill). I'm probably breaking design rules by using using this rectangular piece (I'm almost 100% certain that it should be something circular?) but honestly right now I am OK with this. Plus the blue in the pattern compliments my blue kitchen so I think I'm good. This may all change soon but for now this table and setup makes me all kinds of happy. Eventually I may repaint it, maybe even distress it. I'm undecided and trying to put my energy into repainting rooms first and organizing so maybe this will be a fall project. I do love the look of a white table and black chairs set so we shall see!

 Table $40, Table Cloth $3 and Ikea Lantern $4.
That happy feeling of getting an awesome deal? Priceless.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My new kitchen - a fresh coat of paint.

We have been in our current house almost 2 years. Gradually we have been doing a project here and there but more recently I have been a home decorating rampage and have a goal of finishing all the painting projects by the end of the summer. I decided recently to tackle the kitchen. The green just wasn't my style and since I spend majority of my time in the kitchen, it seemed like the best place to start. I don't even know what i would call this green? All I know is that is wasn't my style and had to go.
(and if you look closely yes that is bacon in the fry pan. sorry).

So here is my new kitchen. Is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!

A blue kitchen is just what this home needed! Everything feels so much better downstairs now.
 I'm a happy camper.

Just in case you are wondering the blue is "Prussian Cadet" by Valspar. My goal was to find a deep, earthy blue and this was the winner. I will be sure to post more of my home decor adventures throughout the rest of the summer. My daughters room is almost complete!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Laguna Beach Montage Wedding Pictures

I recently had the pleasure of assisting a photographer at a wedding at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach. This was something I had wanted to do for some time so when the opportunity was there I grabbed it. I've been using a dslr for quite some time now but my experience is limited to taking pictures of products and art and craft projects. So when I purchased my first personal dslr I knew that taking pictures of people would be quite the learning curve. Gradually I'm making progress and trying to share pictures on my blog here and there.

The couple we photographed were incredibly cute and adorable. It was a small wedding which actually made it much less stressful I'm quite sure. There were only about 20 guests and no bridal party so I cant help but wonder about weddings with 200+ guests and enormous bridal parties. I realize a wedding that size would need an entire team to catch all the important moments. I cant even imagine.

When Ross and I got married, we had a similar size wedding with 15 guests. Big or small - it really doesn't matter. I just wanted to take some great pictures for the bride and groom. By the end of the day, between myself and the lead photographer, we had at least a few thousand pictures.  

I have put together just a very small sampling of my pictures from the day. I haven't had the chance to go through all the pictures just yet so my goal is to include ceremony pictures in a future post. These are basically some of my favorites.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for part 2.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Rosy

You may have seen my other flower bibs in my etsy shop, however I have a handful of rosette necklaces that I recently listed also. I've made these as gifts for people in the past and thought i would add a few to etsy. The first one made an appearance in the last issue of the Jewelry Affair publication. Simple white roses that can coordinate with so many outfits.

My sister requested a blue rosette necklace for her birthday,  so I started making rosettes in this dusty blue that I love!

For this one I decided to try something different and add a simple embellishment. This is my new favorite for the summertime.
I could spend hours looking at etsy and all the amazing accessories artists create with rosettes. I still haven't created rosettes using patterned fabric so that will be one of my near future projects. Now I'm off to clean out my wardrobe in search of shirts that I no longer wear with pretty patterns (and maybe a trip to Joannes).