Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 1 - The Artistic Mother Challenge

Creating my Backgrounds and Action Lists

The various papers I used included regular printer paper, colored card stock, junk mail, lined paper and pages pulled out from crossword books. I primarily used the paint blending technique Shona suggests in The Artistic Mother. I did a few papers using the other techniques but i found the painting blending to be my personal favorite. As i was painting the papers i used paper towels underneath to avoid getting my counter top messy. I saved all the paper towels with the paint splattered backgrounds - I'm really excited about these paper towels and will save them for a future project! After all the papers had dried i used various stamps to stamp randomly on the papers. I didn't stamp every single sheet as i thought in the future i may want some without stamping for whatever reason. I picked my favorite paper for my "Action List" and in Word created the list, printed it on my background paper, scanned it and then printed out 12 copies. Week one is done - YAY!

Backgrounds Before:

Backgrounds After:


  1. Hello Vanessa. Lovely hearing how you did your pages. They look lovely stacked up. I'm intrigued by your To Do list.


  2. wow..these are gorgeous,,,, looking forward to seeeing more of your

  3. I love all of your papers. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process. I found it very helpful.

  4. Oh...I love all your papers. I save my paper towels too!!

  5. You papers are great! Isn't this exciting??