Friday, April 2, 2010

Creative Idea for Wall Picture Display

Wire Wall Picture Display

I recently found this idea in a magazine (cannot find the magazine so sorry i cant tell you which one!) This is a really inexpensive way to decorate an empty wall. The supplies cost about $10.00 (not including printing the pictures).. All you need is:
  • Turnbuckles (these are the wire connector/stretching screw)
  • Hook screws
  • Strong Wire
  • Pictures
  • Gator Clips by 7gypsies

I had my husband help out, I think its best if you have two people so you can make sure everything is level, even etc. Drill the holes for the hook screws (we used really small wall anchors just to make sure its extra secure) then put the hook screws in. Connect each end of the wire to the turnbuckles tightly making sure (if you are doing two rows) that they are the same length. Then hook the turnbuckles on the hook screws and tighten the wire. It’s really easy but you just need to make sure the wire is the right length. Easy!

I found the turnbuckles at Home Depot in many sizes but I suggest using the smallest size. If you are doing two rows then all you need is 4 hook screws and 4 turnbuckles plus the wire and clips. Then you just hang pictures of whatever it is that you are displaying using Gator Clips.

I'm a little disappointed with how my pictures turned out but it was not easy to photograph the area since its a narrow hallway and the lighting wasn't the best. Also just a quick tip - if you are printing black and white pictures I suggest you have them printed at the same place so you don't end up with photos with different shades/tones as I did. Some of mine ended up looking slightly purple instead of a true black and white..


  1. this is a great idea, I think you make it look easy.
    I am doing up my 8 year old's room right now and this may be perfect for her... she bought bedding from the teen section of a linens website!!! I need her to slow down in growing up.

    take care

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