Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yes I made a Cork Wreath...

I had been saving corks for a long time (probably a few years) and recently I finally felt inspired to create a project with them. I decided a cork wreath would be a great way repurpose the corks and create a "green" home decor project that is somewhat unique. My wreath is currently resting on a bookshelf in the dining room. I still have not had the courage to actually hang it on my front door. I guess I'm worried that all the neighbors will think we are the vino family! Its not like that, I promise. In fact, even though I thought my cork collection was huge, I ran out of corks in the process of constructing the wreath and had to call on my trusty vino friends for some more corks! Thankfully they had been saving theirs also, I guess a lot of wine enthusiasts just like to keep corks? They do look pretty cool if you keep your collection in a large glass jar or vase.

 Anyhow, as soon as I decided to create the wreath I did a quick google search and found plenty of images for inspiration. I decided that my wreath style would be bricking the corks instead of scattering them, just my personal preference.

All you need is a straw wreath, available at most large craft stores, a hot glue gun and your corks. I started from the inner side and worked my way to the outer edge. Too easy. Once the wreath is finished, tie a strip of torn muslin and tie a bow for a simple accent.

Whether you enjoy a good glass of wine and have your own cork collection going or you happen to stumble accross somebody that has a few spare corks, a wreath is one of many green projects that you can create with corks.

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  1. I think I had a comment on here telling you how awesome you are for making a cork wreath, but now I'm wondering if it just didn't send. So, just in case, you're awesome!