Saturday, September 17, 2011

The first day of kindergarten

So the past week has been quite a week to say the least! My little girl started kindergarten a week and a half ago and I'm happy to report it hasn't been nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. Its still going to take some adjusting but its all coming together. I had a week off work before kindergarten started to spend lots of quality time with Izzy. We did a few Disney days, lots of shopping for back to school supplies and clothes, LOTS of pool time, and finished up some projects around the home! Well, I finished the projects while Izzy watched the Care Bears and My Little Pony...

The first day of school was great and went very smoothly. I decided to go back to work that day, but my husband was off work for a while also, so he was close to home just in case there was any problems. Thankfully there wasn't... So far Izzy appears to be really enjoying herself, a little too much to be honest because I cant seem to get her to come home when I go to pick her up! She is having way too much fun... We are very fortunate and live within walking distance to her school, so I get to walk her to school each morning, which I love. Then I swing by and pick her up on my way home. Here is Izzy on her first day of school... This is without a doubt my favorite picture from the day! Looking a little nervous at first.

But it doesn't seem to take Izzy long to warm up so within seconds she was being her silly self and doing all kinds of funny poses. I've included a bunch of pictures from the day throughout the post :) The second day of school? Well the second day was interesting because school was cancelled! Yep. We had a major power outage the night of her first day of school (which was kind of a fun camping night at home playing flashlight games and sleeping on the floor). Because of the power having to be restored at the school etc, etc, the school district closed all the schools for the next day. It all worked out because the husband was still off work so him and Izzy got to have a random daddy/daughter day. I came home to some new plants in my backyard, lovely!

Ive joined the PTA, which I'm really excited about but at the same time seems really bizarre? I think It just seems like this stage of my life came around way too fast. I honestly feel like it wasn't all that long ago that I was in school, now my baby is! Either way, I'm excited to be involved and help the school, volunteer where I can and meet and get to know other families in our community.

Izzy's 4th day of school was also an interesting one. To cut a long story short: I drop Izzy off at usual time of 7:45. At 11am I get a voicemail from the school saying "we are just checking in to see why Izzy is absent?" I run outside at work at lightening speed, (saying bad things under my breath), call the school and tell them "she ISN'T absent, I dropped her off like 3hours ago, WHAT is going on?" The school receptionist very kindly and professionally handled the situation & told me she would figure it out and call me back asap. I decided - OK, I will give it 5 minutes before I jump in the car, drive to the school and begin the search - because I was 99% sure it was some kind of roll call mix up... which it was and my phone call was returned within about 4 minutes. phew. But for a split second I was in serious panic mode. A few people at work saw the humor it in, joking about how she was already skipping school... sigh. If my daughter is anything like I was as a teenager then that's just going to be painful... Lets just enjoy the cuteness of kindergarten before the teenage years, please!!

Few more pictures from the day.
This is what I am calling the GANGSTA poses.

It's been a long and tiring but very exciting week.
Happy Back to School!

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  1. Her poses are the best! It's so funny to hear you say it's all gone by much faster than you thought it would because I was thinking the same thing recently. I'll be talking to my 15-year-old sister-in-law and will be totally unaware of how much of an age difference there is between us. It makes me realize that all of the 20 and 30-somethings I used to think were so experienced at life and parenting, etc., were just figuring things out along the way because it still felt new to them! Anyway, I'm really glad that Izzy wasn't actually missing and that you and your husband both got to have a lot of fun time with her before school. : ) Let's all meet up for another happy hour soon!