Monday, February 21, 2011

Cover Girl x 2

I was really excited when I made the cover of the Summer 2010 issue of Take Ten. So when I made the Winter 2011 cover of Take Ten I was seriously excited, and simply felt so fortunate to make two Somerset magazine covers within such a short period of time. When the summer cover hit the newsstands I must of been going through a crazy busy patch because I never got to the bookstore or craft store to see it on the shelf :( which I really regret. But when the Winter 2011 issue hit the newsstands you better believe I was at Joannes and there it was on the shelf taking up not one but TWO spaces. YES! Unfortunately I was shopping solo so I didn't have someone to take my picture with the magazine but I was able to snap a quick picture with my phone. I could of asked a total stranger but I get embarrassed way too easily and would of felt all kinds of awkward... Anyhow, I'm just excited to be the cover girl of Take Ten not once, but twice!!!


  1. Do a hear a WHOOOOO HOOOO this is AWESOME and so deserved. So happy and impressed by you!

  2. I would've loved to see a Myspace-like shot of you in the frame with the magazines. Congratulations, Vanessa! : )

  3. Congratulations, Vanessa! That is awesome..and well deserved.