Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Decorating - Front Door View

When I walk down our downstairs hallway this is my view. And its also the view that you get from the front door. So when we moved into our house this one spot was really, really important to me.

I didn't want to put just anything on this wall so I decided to try and wait it out until I found just the right piece for the wall. Well I waited about 3 months and couldn't wait any longer. Luckily I picked up this colorful canvas at Ikea for just $50 which I love and although its not exactly what I visioned, it will fill the spot for the time being until I find "THE" piece that was meant to be. Hopefully I will find it... Anyhow, this spot for some reason makes me very happy for a couple of other reasons. The vintage crates. I seriously love these crates... I saw them at the Irvine antique market a number of times before I finally gave in and bought 2. I love how they add some vintage character, plus they are all kinds of awesome for storing books and puzzles! One other flea market find from Irvine that brightens up my day is the red pillow with the ruffles. It cost me just $2. Yep! It isn't vintage but certainly a deal for $2. I'm gradually working on the rest of my home (very gradually these days) but like I said earlier - this was one part of the home that need attention before any other. First impressions last so I like to open my door to my family, neighbors and friends with a good view.

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