Saturday, February 26, 2011

GreenCrafting Kind of Weekend

I'm busy greencrafting this weekend getting ready to submit some artwork to the next issue of GreenCraft. In the spirit of things I thought I would do a small post of a few of my favorite projects. Inspired by GreenCraft magazine I regularly create a green project for the Studio for Stampington & Company. I few of my favorites that i have done are probably the easiest. Happy GreenCrafting!

Reuse something as simple as a tin can and turn it into something pretty (and useful).


Primitive Bird Cages
Transform wire hangers into miniature decorative bird cages!


Use old calendar pages to creatively wrap gifts!


  1. I love those bird fun! I always make projects from Green Craft too, and I am working now on a piece for this deadline. (I have never submitted to Green Craft before...exciting!)

    I really like you blog!

  2. thanks so much! i took a peek at your blog, love it. Greencrafting seems to be my new passion these days... Looking forward to seeing what you submit :)