Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 12: Because thats how I roll.

My husband and I recently did a segway tour in San Diego. I was rather nervous as I am not the most coordinated person but I'm happy to report that I didn't eat it. One person on our tour did though. Thankfully he didn't injure himself but it was one of those situations where the person kind of deserved it (for acting like a know-it-all) so it was kind of humorous. Actually to be honest, even now when I think about it, I still cant help but laughing. This guy thought he was some kind of seasoned segway rider because he had done like one tour a few months ago, so when our tour guide allowed us to go a bit faster, this guy thought he would be cool and try and zoom around on some wet grass and man did he take one heck of a fall. He was right behind me and all of a sudden in the corner of my eye I see him doing about 3 flips through the air and the segway go flying. OK I'm chuckling still while writing this. There is always one in a crowd, right? Otherwise it was an awesome day, and an awesome tour. I highly recommend it. Of course I chose the brightest helmet possible:

Here I am learning to segway:

And here is my husband and I in front of the Gaslamp district. When I see pictures like this I understand why my sisters husband refers to my sisters and I as "the big forehead family." Uggghh, it's annoying that he has a good point...

Good wholesome fun. And that my friends - is how I roll.


  1. Love the post Vanessa, it made me laugh out loud! I could just see the guy tumbling through the air. What a great way to see San Diego.

  2. Don't worry, girl...your forehead's got nothin' on mine. ; ) This looks like an awesome trip! Isn't it so funny when we get to actually witness karma in action? Haha, poor know-it-all.

    What are you going to do for your week off of work??