Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 4: A little bit of reading material.

I hadn't checked the mail in a while so when I looked yesterday and discovered the most recent Country Living, Women's Health and an Ikea Catalog - I was in heaven! Now to find the time to actually sit down and browse through them....

OK, OK, I realize that so far none of my August Break photos have been anything super artsy but I'm not too concerned about that. Although I do want to try and take some really nice pictures soon... I'm more or less just enjoying snapping a picture daily of something I like or that's on my mind. I wonder what tomorrow will be?


  1. I too was excited to receive my Ikea catalog in the mail! Its always filled with fantastic decorating ideas & fun new products.

  2. I think the coolest part of this challenge is to just to get you to commit to posting on your blog everyday, artsy or not.

  3. OK now you made me drool over your IKEA catalog. I need to find one immediately!!!! Or better to go to the 'real' place??
    Monica x.