Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 22: LB Antique Market Part 1.

My favorite antique market is Long Beach. Last time I was there I managed to get a few pictures of some funny things. I was speechless when I saw this Chucky painting. What kind of person painted this? And what kind of person would actually hang this on their wall? More importantly, WHY is it priced at $200.00? Maybe if I was filthy rich I would have one random house that I would fill with stupid things. Just stupid, ugly, nonsense things. It would probably be the guest house for "certain relatives." But I'm not mentioning any names. I would probably buy a lot of etsy items featured on regretsy:


This big tire would probably wind up in the backyard of the stupid house. I would have to find a tree large enough so we could hang it up and use it as a giant swing.

Over sized Tire:
(I'm pretty sure you could fit an entire family in there)

Amongst the strange things I stumbled across (this was a small portion) there was as usual lots of great finds. I will have to post more on those later.

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