Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 23: LB Antique Market Part 2.

A lot of what you come across at the LB markets are sellers that have a good mix of vintage finds. It makes the hunt harder because you have to really have a good eye - especially if you have a stroller and a 5 yr old in tow. But the hunt is actually a lot of fun. I tend to get pretty excited when I find something cool. However, I do love it when I come across the sellers that specialize in a particular item. Like clothes or beads and jewelry. Makes it much easier!

Racks and racks of cool vintage clothes... heaven.

Tables full of yummy beads!!

Vintage clothes are certainly a favorite for me. The beads I love but I don't consider myself much of a beader and cant take on another new hobby just yet (although I would love to). But my favorite thing to hunt for is vintage containers. Cigar boxes, tins and kitchen canisters. Which I will have to round up and do a post on soon. And of course my daughter has a treasure that she hunts for - my little pony's. And the LB antique markets often have many! We have quite the collections going... Of course the things I like and my daughter likes are random and you really have to hunt for.

So let me know if you come across any antique dealers of strictly vintage "containers" or "my little pony's." My daughter would freak out if there were a antire table of ponys, but I doubt we will find that at the markets... We will just have to continue the market treasure hunts!

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