Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Things Come In Small Packages

I created this shadow box about 4 years ago...

I made it for my daughters bedroom and it stills sits on top of a bookshelf in her room. I got the idea from a project that I had seen on Twopeasinabucket. Its been so long but I'm pretty sure the inspiration for the project was from a Twopeas member by the name of Melibean but it looks like she removed the project for publication. Judging by her blog LilyBean's Paperie, and the style of her projects, I'm 99% sure it was her. By the way, her blog is pure eye candy and you must check it out! Lily Bean designs for a number of various company's and her style is so soft and pretty.

To create the project I used a shadow box and mini pots from Michaels. With a little paint, paper, natural craft moss, and faux flowers I created a similar project to the one I had seen on Twopeas.

What made me really want to create this project was because it was just so perfect for my daughter. At the time Izzy was only 1 and we had been going through some tough times with doctors appointments and trips to the children's hospital to see specialist after specialist because she was basically small. And each time test results came back showing nothing abnormal. So the phrase "grow little flower" really touched me because of what we were going through. My motherly instincts tell me that there really isn't anything wrong with Izzy, she is just simply naturally petite. My mother went through the exact same thing with one of my older sisters (whom Izzy obviously takes after). Izzy is still a petite little munchkin these days but perfectly healthy. Good things just simply come in small packages...


  1. Hi Vanessa, I found my way here via another blog you left a comment on. I recognized the name, clicked the link and here I am on your blog.

    What a pleasant browse and so many new projects for me to drool over. Hope all is well. I'm sure Izzy must be a big girl by now.

    Take care, Lisa

  2. Lisa! so good to hear from you, i was just looking at your blog recently :) hope all is well! you need to submit to stampington soon!