Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Loveliest Christmas Gift - A Handmade Quilt

This past Christmas I hit the jackpot. My friend and coworker (Linda) surprised me with the loveliest handmade gift I have ever received. Linda had shown me this quilt that she had made some time back and she knew how much I was in love with it. She makes many, many quilts (really a lot) and this one was my all time favorite and she knew it. The past two years for Christmas Eve (and hopefully more to come) I had her come join in our family festivities because she is such a wonderful person and simply great to be around. She regularly creates the most amazing quilts for her church and they send them off to various countries to families in need. She is simply a "giver" and takes joy and pride in giving. This gift was so unexpected. When I unwrapped it I pretty much acted like a 5 year old opening the toy of their dreams and hugged it like I never wanted to let it go! Today I had the joy of her coming over to visit and hang out with me and Izzy. We went to the park and Linda brought with her a bunch of her quilts and I photographed them in the park. I really, really want her to start an etsy shop and sell some of her amazing quilts. So here is my quilt from her. It lives lovingly on my couch and I use it just about every night so snuggle up with when I'm reading to my daughter or watching a good tv show. I'm not a very good sewer but I hope that one day I can create a quilt as amazing as this one.

Here you can see the detail of the flowers and the fabric on the underside.

And here is the entire quilt. Amazing!

And of course Izzy had to get in on the action. Do you think she loves the camera?

Maybe just a little...

So hopefully Linda will open an etsy shop. When she does I will update my blog with the details. I really wish her well with her handmade quilts. They are simply stunning.

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  1. I agree! Linda and her quilts are both awesome! : )