Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kitchy or is it "Kitschy" Aprons

First of all for a few minutes I was confused about the word "kitchy" or "kitschy." I thought they both meant essentially the same thing but according to the urban dictionary (yes i looked them both up) they actually have different meanings and I am leaning towards kitchy and not kitschy. Please correct me if I am wrong or you disagree. Sorry for the rant, kitchy is not really a word I ever used a lot or even heard people use until I moved to the USA so this just never occurred to me!

Anyway, on to these lovelies I just listed on etsy... I picked them up at the Irvine antique markets a few years back and have hung onto them for a while, I think its time someone else enjoys them! Both the aprons actually made an appearance in Summer 2010 issue of Somerset Life where I used them for a Creative Living Idea. If you haven't already got that issue then I suggest you pick up a copy. Somerset Life is always packed with mouth watering projects and ideas. Another publication that might interest you in you are an apron enthusiast is apronology. Flipping through the pages of apronology is another mouth watering experience!

I love the style and simplicity of this one. Classic.

And this polka dot number with a delicate sheer white fabric. So Cute

So stop by my etsy shop if you are in the market for a good vintage apron.

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