Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Trip to Salvation Mountain

I first learned about Salvation Mountain through Elsie Flannigan's blog.

I was so intrigued and still fairly new to California at the time so I decided to do some exploring and head out there to visit myself. It was back in March of 2009 that I went out to visit (yikes almost two years ago) I'm kind of itching to do another trip and see the mountain and Leonard again. My friend Cacey was visiting from Australia so I thought the perfect Sunday road trip would be a trip to Salvation mountain, and a quick stop in Palm Springs. So with Izzy in tow we headed out to the desert.

Salvation Mountain was created by Leonard Knight. It's a really interesting story on how he came about to create the mountain and how he got there, you can read all about it here. I'm always intrigued by people like him that really live SO differently to most of us. Hi lives a simple life and simply does what he loves while sharing a message that is important to him.

Leonard uses adobe clay, donated paint and all sorts of recycled and found objects to build and create the mountain. The vibrant colors used throughout the mountain are pure eye candy, I love it!

Its truly an amazing work of art and simply breathtaking. It's kind of like an enormous green crafting project! It's in the middle of nowhere but if you live in Southern California is an easy drive.

Leonard is such a kind man and fortunately he had some spare time to walk around with us and give us a little tour trough the mountain and shared some of his story. What a nice man. He also happens to share the same name as my father, which of course made me like him even more!

I was really in awe of his passion and love and simply inspired.

It doesn't matter what kind of religious beliefs or views you have, it doesn't even matter how old you are (Izzy was 3 at the time and LOVED the place), its an enjoyable experience that I think people from all walks of life could appreciate and plain and simply leaves you feeling good.

So if you are up for a trip to Salvation Mountain then let me know!

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